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My Animal Name Print . Katie Viggers


As each piece will be customised so please allow 10 working days for shipping.

Create a personal animal name print from the selection of animal letters.

Paper size 16" x 12 " ish (A3) - image fits nicely in the middle.
The print comes unframed and posted in a strong tube.

For some letters there are more than one option so please check which one you would like.
Once you made your choice please let us know by completing the 'Contact us' form with the name details and any specific choices of animals where relevant.

A - Armadillo
B - Bear
C - Camel
D - Dolphin
E - Emu
E - Elephant
F - Flamingo
F - Fox
G - Gorilla
G - Goat
H - Hippo
I - Iguana
J - Jellyfish
K - Koala
K - Kangaroo
L - Lion
L - Llama
M - Moose
M - Monkey
N - Narwhal
O - Orangutan
P - Penguin
Q - Quail
R - Racoon
S - Sloth
T - Tortoise
U - Umbrella Bird
V - Vulture
W - Walrus
W - Wolf
X - Xray
Y - Yak
Z - Zebra