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Cinema . Moulin Roty

£23.90 (Sold out)

Moulin Roty Cinema Presents.... Moulin Roty Cinema presents stories created by children's imagination. This magical Moulin Roty Cinema Box contains essential things for your little ones to present their stories just like in a real movie theater.
It features:
* Sturdy cardboard box opens to a screen.
* Moulin Roty storybook flashlight to project images. Turn the disk to flip a page for next scene. Focus can be adjusted by turning the lens head.
* 5 disks with images for stories.( Brave knight, Stop thief , Super hero, Cowboy and Pirates).
* Each disk has 8 images.
* A note pad for Playbill.
* Tickets.
* Batteries for the flashlight are included ( 3 button cell batteries.)